400KW Variable Speed Drive Screw Air Compressor

Technical Parameters
Model Power KW FAD m³/min Pressure Mpa Dimension (L*W*H) mm Rotation speed Noise dB(A) Air outlet diameter
JF-540AZ 400 73.5 0.7 3200x1980x2150 2980 88±2 DN150
72.0 0.8
63.1 1.0
54.2 1.2

1. Power saving

The screw air compressor is designed as a type of adjustable-speed drive compressor, which well combines the free air delivery and user's air consumption together, well avoiding the unload power consumption.

When continuous using for air is not required, no-load function of soft start could be applied, which makes both current and torque away from the peak level, so air compressors could be started or stopped for unlimited times. Thus continuous variable transmission from 0% to 100%, and min. electricity consumption could be realized.

Meanwhile, without 2 bars' pressure, 14% energy could be saved. (Each bar equals to 7% energy consumption)

2. Constant pressure supplement with custom pressure
You could choose any pressure between 3-14 bar for your air compressor without changing the gears or belt. (Note: Please confirm the max. pressure you required when purchasing an air compressor)

When setting required pressure, our air compressor will work at a constant pressure of 0.2 bar. But when higher air consumption is required, the compensation from variable frequency will be applied to increase the air amount, so that constant pressure with zero loss could be ensured.

And when the air consumption is lowered, air compressor's rotation speed will be lowered to control extra air, so constant pressure with zero pressure rise could be ensured.

3. Distant controlling function
Highly advanced controlling, monitoring and communication system are utilized, so our worldwide users could receive technical assistance from suppliers at any time.

4. Safe and reliable soft start
Variable-frequency soft start helps to avoid electric and mechanical impact;

High-speed working in long period of time may cause many disadvantages towards air compressor. But our compressor does not possess these problems.

2 bar pressure is well avoid for our air compressor, so the leakage is unlikely to be produced.

5. Energy saving, eco-friendly, and easy installation
Frequency charger is installed inside the air compressor, so there is no need to install frequency charger again.

Both low-speed axial fan, modern sound absorbing and vibration isolation solution are all introduced to our variable charger. Thus, the noise of our compressor will be quite low, which allows it a convenient installation in production field.

Meanwhile, as soon as our variable speed air compressor is installed and the pipes are connected well, the compressor could start work immediately.

6. Clearly-displayed display screen
Display screen of our variable speed air compressor could show working condition, pressure, voltage, rotating speed, frequency, power and many other data clearly.

Technical Principle of Variable Speed Controlling
Vector control technique is adopted for Jufeng's variable speed air compressor, thus our compressor is capable to possess extremely wide rotating speed range, and our motor could find proper torque with min. temperature rise for smoother working.

Vector control technique separates and enforces independent control towards exciting current and torque. After that, compounding and converting them as control signals of frequency charger. In this way, an efficient controlling towards electromagnetic torque could be achieved. In addition, when working in low speed, our motor could also work normally at relatively low temperature.

Frequency charger will always produce noise and harmful harmonic frequency, which is inevitable, but when equipped with the frequency changing technique, they are controlled in min. amount. Meanwhile, since we adopt the latest vector control technique, DC is changed to AC, so an improved high temperature withstanding technique, a high converting speed, a well saved energy and high reliability are all guaranteed.

Jufeng is a reliable rotary screw air compressor manufacturer and 400KW variable speed drive rotary screw air compressor supplier. Our VSD controlled air compressors are available with power from 7.5KW to 400KW. Equipped with complete manufacturing and assembly lines, we offer quality variable speed drive screw compressor and compressed air treatment equipment for customers.

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