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Air Compressor Parts

Air Compressor Belt
Jufeng's air compressor belt is introduced from Arntz Optibelt, a world leading German manufacturer in transmission industry. Its belts all feature a reliable quality and safe using.

Air Compressor Temperature Sensor
Resistance of our air compressor temperature sensor varies with the change of temperature, and it transmits the varied value to controller. After the processing of micro-computer, current temperature will be precisely displayed in the display screen.

Air Compressor Shaft Coupling
Shaft coupling is used to connect the electric motor and all-end, allowing an easy disassembly, flexible operation, as well as an improved transmission efficiency.

Air Compressor Inlet Valve
Air compressor inlet valve introduces an intelligent design, allowing automatic adjustment towards air inlet amount from 0% to 100%. Its adoption helps to reduce the energy consumption and operation cost.

Air Compressor Aftercooler
Jufeng's air compressor aftercooler enjoys fast thermal dissipation. Low density, light weight and long service life.

Air Compressor Piping System
Main piping system in our air compressor is connected with locknut and oil-proof O ring, so air leakage and oil leakage could be perfectly prevented.

Air Compressor Cooling Fan
Cooling fan of Jufeng's air compressor has a compact structure, reliable operation, easy installation, low energy consumption and high efficiency.

Jufeng is an industrial air compressor manufacturer in China, mainly offers rotary screw air compressors and spare parts. Our rotary screw air compressors are available with JF, ADF and ODF brands. We offer wide range of rotary screw compressors and compressed air treatment equipment for customers.

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