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Refrigerated Compressed Air Dryer

Introduction of Refrigerated Compressed Air Dryer
Compressed air is an indispensable processing power in all industrial fields and production processes. In order to prevent production downtime, compressed air must be clean, dry and without oil. Compressed air is obtained through a large amount of ambient air pressure. Usually, ambient air contains a number of harmful substances, such as particulate matter and the presence of moisture in the form of water vapor. The corrosive liquid is formed by the harmful substance, which causes the machine to stop running, causing the loss. Compressed air into the dryer, through the outflow of cold compressed air, pre cooling in the air - air heat exchanger, then, after the pre cooling air flows through the "refrigeration liquid -air" of heat exchanger, cooling to the required dew point temperature. The moisture in the compressed air is condensed into water droplets to be collected and discharged automatically. The after treatment dry compressed air and re entering the humid air in the air - air heat exchanger, heat exchange into the pipe. It can prevent the pipeline condensation, and save energy, reduce the burden of the machine.

Design Features of Refrigerated Compressed Air Dryer
1. Special design, Pressure difference is small, energy saving.
2. The thick copper tube is used to prevent the corrosion of the copper pipe, longer service life.
3. Heat exchanger with high performance
4. Margin increased by 20% in order to ensure that the machine runs stably in harsh environments.
5. The cylinder is coated with anti rust paint to prevent internal rust.
6. High quality components
7. High efficiency gas-liquid separator and multiple drainage design, Drainage is more timely and thorough. To avoid the problem of poor quality, such as water residue to produce dew point, etc.
8. The low voltage protection device can effectively protect the compressor life and reduce the maintenance cost.

Work Condition and Technical Data of Refrigerated Compressed Air Dryer
Inlet temperature : ≤45°C(Normal temperature) ≤80°C(High temperature)
Cooling method: air-cooling
Designed dew point: 2~10°C
Refrigerant: R22(Optional: R407,R134a and etc.)
Inlet pressure: 0.5~1.0MPa
Pressure drop: ≤0.02MPa

Precautions of Refrigerated Compressed Air Dryer
1. Install the dryer in a cool, dust-free room. You will probably also need a drain somewhere to get rid of the water (can be liters of water per day!).

2. When the condenser of the refrigerant circuits get dirty, or the room is just too hot, the dryer can't get rid of the heat. It will eventually trip on its over-pressure switch.

3. Maintenance: clean the condenser once in a while. Be careful, the small plates (fins) are sensitive. A good way to remove all the dust is by using a steel-brush and gently scrape off all the dust. There are also special condenser fin combs to clean and straighten the fins.

Technical Parameters of Refrigerated Compressed Air Dryer
Model Treatment Quantity Nm3/min Power supply V/Hz KW Pipe diameter Weight kg Dimension L*W*H
J-D 7.5A 1.0 220/50 0.7 3/4" 40 620*410*630
J-D 10A 1.5 220/50 0.8 1" 52 680*440*710
J-D 15A 2.0 220/50 0.8 1" 55 680*440*710
J-D 20A 2.5 220/50 0.8 1" 73 800*440*800
J-D 25A 3.0 220/50 0.9 1" 75 800*440*800
J-D 30A 3.8 220/50 1.1 11/2" 92 930*480*880
J-D 40A 5.0 220/50 1.2 11/2" 100 930*480*880
J-D 50A 6.5 220/50 1.5 11/2" 115 980*570*1000
J-D 60A 8.0 220/50 1.5 2" 136 980*570*1000
J-D 75A 10.5 220/50 2.2 21/2" 160 1080*600*1070
J-D 100A 13.5 220/50 2.8 21/2" 220 1180*700*1300
J-D 120A 17 380/50 2.8 21/2" 235 1180*700*1300
J-D 150A 21.5 380/50 3.6 21/2" 270 1180*700*1300
J-D 180A 25 380/50 4.3 3" 300 1180*700*1300
J-D 200A 28.5 380/50 4.6 3" 328 1360*780*1340
J-D 250A 32 380/50 5.2 3" 350 1360*780*1340
J-D 300A 37 380/50 7.0 4" 490 1500*900*1500
J-D 350A 41.5 380/50 7.0 4" 526 1500*900*1500
J-D 400A 45 380/50 9.3 4" 600 1750*1000*1750
J-D 450A 50 380/50 9.3 4" 640 1750*1000*1750
J-D 500A 55 380/50 10.8 5" 710 1750*1000*1750

Applications of Refrigerated Compressed Air Dryer
Drying air for use in commercial or industrial processes that demand dry air:
1. Telecomm industry (pressurizes its underground cables to repel moisture and avoid shorts)
2. Painting
3. Pneumatic tools
4. Textile manufacturing
5. Pneumatic control systems
6. Feed air for zeolite type oxygen and nitrogen generators
7. Dental office air
Truck and train air brake systems.

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