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Based on our years of experience in the air compressor industry, our service team works quickly to solve any and all problems. Customers are replied to within 24 hours, no matter what the issue may be, be it pre-sales, post sales or related technical support. Customers are encouraged to contact us via email, phone, fax, WhatsApp and Skype.

Working Principles
Strong Service System
No matter where the problem may appear, any assistance or advice a customer needs will be given within 24 hours of contact, for free. Customers within the air compressor industry can trust us to provide outstanding solutions to screw air compressors, ODF screw air compressors, ADF screw air compressors, and other compressor system solutions.

Pre-Sales Service
We provide comprehensive services for air compressor machines. Support relies on the different industry the air compressor will be used in, the gas supply type, air quality characteristics that need to be met by the gas, and eventual usage application for the air compressor machine. If you don't know this, we will send someone to the installation site to provide a complete installation reference for easy installation.

During Sales Service
We will set up and install the air compressor according to customer needs. We will also send a technician for on-site commissioning and field testing on every machine parameter until it meets qualified standards. We will also provide the customer with free training for machine operation and maintenance, including simple troubleshooting operations. We also provide a detailed history of all work done on the machine, ensuring each air compressor is safe, stable and reliable.

After Sales Service
For after-sales services we will build a customer file. Services offered include compressor purification system detection, detection of compressor operating conditions, replacement of compressor wearing parts, daily maintenance, maintenance records, and solutions to problems. With our customers in mind, support is available year round, though the staff salary and any travel expenses should be borne by the customer.

Guangdong Jufeng Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (FACTORY)

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E-mail: sales@gdjufeng.cn

Shanghai Raige Trading Co., Ltd. (EXPORT COMPANY)

Add.: Room 1613, Building #3, Wanda Plaza, 4995 Gonghexin Road, Baoshan District, Shanghai.
Email: sales@gdjufeng.cn

Guangdong Jufeng Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.