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Company Vision

Our Vision
Here at Jufeng, we aim to provide quality products and services for our vision and customers, using the expertise and experience of our mechanical engineers to help users in different regions provide high quality technical services, products and solutions. To work with the growing challenges of climate change, and as a response to the United Nation's call for working towards a solution for global climate warming, we continuously research and develop internationally advanced energy saving products and solutions, including frequency conversion technology, permanent magnet frequency conversion technology and more. This helps customers reduce energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions, in order to create the best social, economic and environmental benefits.

Social Responsibility
As a leader in the industry, we always advocate for social responsibility, and to create profits for our shareholders, we must respect our employees, consumers, society, the environment and more. We must work in compliance with business ethics, environmental protection, support charities, donor communities and the protection of vulnerable groups.

Company Culture
Heart to heart

Concept of Integrity
The concept of integrity is prevalent throughout our production manufacturing, sales and service, human resources and enterprise management activities. Since our establishment, we have paid solid attention to our reputation and quality, seeing both as more important than profits.

Service Concept
Jufeng strives to be the user's final choice, thanks to our dedicated efforts and meticulous attention to detail.

Guangdong Jufeng Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (FACTORY)

Add.: C1.C7.C17 Huachuang Animation industrial park, Panyu District, Guangzhou.
E-mail: sales@gdjufeng.cn

Shanghai Raige Trading Co., Ltd. (EXPORT COMPANY)

Add.: Room 1613, Building #3, Wanda Plaza, 4995 Gonghexin Road, Baoshan District, Shanghai.
Email: sales@gdjufeng.cn

Guangdong Jufeng Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.