11KW Tank Mounted Rotary Screw Air Compressor

Technical Parameters
Model JF-15AT
Discharge pressure 0.8Mpa
Free air compressor (FAD) 1.52m³/min
Input power 7.98kw/m3/min
Cooling method Air-cooling
Outlet temperature Ambient temperature +12℃
Motor power 11kw
Motor speed 2900r/min
Power supply 380V/3PH/50HZ
Motor starting method Y-∆starting
Insulation class F
Ingress protection Ip23/ Ip54
Ambient temperature -5-+45°C
Driving method Direct driven
Noise 64±2dB(A)
Oil content < 3ppm
Air receiver 9L/tank
Oil feed capacity 145L
Diameter of air outlet G3/4"
Weight About450kg
Dimension 1050x750x1400mm

1. Reliable working in long period of time: Each air compressor allows 24-hour compression with stable operation.

2. Low working noise: Its noise is 62±2dB (A).

3. Efficient energy use: A power of 8.78kw/m3/min could be achieved, which helps to save users costs.

4. Long maintenance period and long service life.

5. Integrated design is introduced, which helps to save the cost of internal pipes and connectors.

6. 380V/3HP/50HZ Standard design, qualified for IEC standard.

7. Air-cooling compressor with a design working temperature of 40 degrees, so it could be used in all weathers.

8. Automatic start and stop controller, constant speed controller, and relay controller are all adopted for our tank mounted rotary screw air compressor.

9. Direct drive is introduced, which could be easily maintained without any need for changing wearing parts, like, belt and etc.

10. The air compressor is designed with a tank, so the cost for installing other tank could be saved.

Jufeng is a reliable rotary screw air compressor manufacturer and 11KW tank mounted rotary screw air compressor supplier. Our tank mounted rotary screw air compressors are available with power from 11KW to 220KW. We offer wide range of rotary screw compressors and compressed air treatment equipment for customers.

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