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Permanent Magnet Screw Air Compressor

Product Features
Prevention of Busywork Loss

The pressure sensor detects the pressure of the outlet, and transfers the signal to PLC. The PLC then controls the output frequency of the inverter, achieving the continual variable frequency. Once the pressure goes higher, it lowers the output frequency; once the pressure goes lower, it raises the output frequency. When the system needs no air, the inverter comes to sleep mode.

Components of Permanent Magnet Screw Air Compressor
1. The double-screw air-end

Adopt German technology GU air end which is third generation asymmetric double screw air end, axial air-inlet design. The design life of durable NFK bearing is over 120,000 hours.

2. Efficient and reliable motor
Use more efficient and reliable operate continuously motor which have passed the CE authentication, ingress protection IP23, class F insulation grade.

3. High efficiency PM motor
Equip with high efficiency PM motor, comparing with normal high efficiency motor, energy saving performance much excellent, especially under constant or variable rotate speed.

The motor and air end are directly integrated into one structure, reducing transmission energy-consumption, achieving high efficiency.

The motor can be suddenly started after the shutdown; the start-stops will not decrease the motor's service life; the starting current is less than 100% full-load current.

The PM motor adopts highly efficient NdFeB permanent magnet. No loss of magnet in 120℃. Its working life exceeds 15 years.
The stator coil adopts special inverter corona resistant enameled wire. Good insulation performance, longer service life. The motor has the advantages of small volume, about 1/3 size as the normal motor, saving space. Unique patented installation can be disassembled instantly and conveniently.

4. High quality and reliable valve
Thousands of reliability and safety testing ensure the quality and durability of inlet valve, minimum pressure valve, thermostatic valve, safety valve.

5. High-quality filter
Adopt own brand oil-air separator, oil filter, air filter element, safe and reliable. Oil-air separator separate thoroughly which oil content less than 3 PPM; Air filter and oil filter are efficiency and long service life.

6. Oil-air separator
The highly efficient oil-air separator presents triple separation of centrifugal, gravity and filtration, leading the remaining oil less than 3ppm.

1st Separation: Centrifugal
The mixture of compressed air inside the compressor and the oil revolve in the separator under the centrifugal force.

2nd Separation: Gravity
After the centrifugal separation, the oil-air mixture punches the inside wall of oil-air vessel, and flow to the bottom of the vessel. At the bottom, the magnetic filter removes the iron powder and other small metals sucked together with air, preventing the scratch of separator.

3rd Separation: Filtration
It adopts the folding oil-air separator to increase the area.
With the fiber as the main body, the cylinder filter collects the atomizing lubricant from the air.

7. English/ Chinese LCD microcomputer touching panel
Screw air compressor control system is applied in English and Chinese LCD touching controller. Support the remote control and chain control. Communication port for RS 485, Modbus communication protocols, can choose other communication agreement.

1) Features of microcomputer controller
1. English and Chinese LCD touching panel;
2. All-round protection of motor with short circuit, plugging turn, phase lack, overload, unbalance;
3. The starting and stopping control of the motor;
4. Protection and measurement of compressor reversal protection;
5. The multiple temperature detection and display;
6. Automatic adjustment of compressor loading, ensure the stabilization of pressure;
7. Long-distance or local control;
8. Multi-machine or single machine operation control;
9. RS-485 communication function;
10. GPRS mobile remote control. (Optional)

2) Microcomputer controller warnings and prompt functions
1. Warning indication of air filter replacement;
2. Warning indication of oil filter replacement;
3. Warning indication of oil-air separator replacement;
4. Warning indication of oil replacement.

3) Microcomputer controller safety protection
1. Protection motor: compressor motor protection of short circuit, plugging turn, phase lack, three phase power imbalance;
2. Compressed air high temperature protection;
3. Protection of compressor reversal;
4. Protection of excessive pressure;
5. Protection of temperature sensor and pressure sensor;

Applications of Permanent Magnet Screw Air Compressor
Jufeng air compressor is widely used in all kinds of industries around the world, including electronics, electricity, water, electricity, environmental protection, petroleum, chemical, mining, metallurgy, pharmaceutical, food, aviation, shipbuilding, military, scientific research, wood, textile, printing, glass, construction, building materials and other fields.

Air compressors can be grouped into three classifications: consumer grade, professional grade and industrial grade.
• Consumer grade air compressors can be described as a pancake or single-stage model. They're used for household tasks like inflating tires and inflatable products and possibly some low-load air tools like staplers and brad guns.
• Professional grade air compressors provide more power and higher pressurized air. They could be two-stage reciprocating models or rotary screw models and can provide more power to run several air tools at once with intermittent use.
• Industrial grade air compressors will be the workhorse of a manufacturing plant or the reliable power source on an oil rig. They are designed to provide a steady flow of compressed air for long periods of time and can take fluctuating surges in use typical in major manufacturing plants. These compressors are built with high-quality components that allow for customization to the specific environment to improve performance, energy efficiency and reliability.

Precautions of Permanent Magnet Screw Air Compressor
1. Srandard Power: 380V/50HZ/3PH, 415V/220V/60HZ and other voltage can be customized.
2. Starting method: 10A or below direct starting,15A or above star-delta srarting.
3. Working environment temperature: -5℃-45℃;
4. Driven method: Belt driven / Direct driven.
5. Welcome request & inquiry of customized the pressure up to 16 bar
6. The company on product improvement and reserves the right of design improvement parameters are subject to change without prior notice.

About the maintenance:
1st maintenance: After 500 hours of running
2nd and subsequent maintenance: Every 2000 to 2500 hours of running

Technical Parameters of Permanent Magnet Screw Air Compressor
Model Power FAD Pressure Dimension L*W*H Weight
JM-20A 15kw 2.5 0.7MPa 980×800×1190 370kg
2.3 0.8MPa
2.1 1.0MPa
JM-25A 18.5kw 3.2 0.7MPa 1150×880×1300 490kg
3 0.8MPa
2.7 1.0MPa
2.4 1.2MPa
JM-30A 22kw 3.8 0.7MPa 1150×880×1300 510kg
3.6 0.8MPa
3.2 1.0MPa
2.9 1.2MPa
JM-40A 30kw 5.3 0.7MPa 1150×880×1300 560kg
5 0.8MPa
4.5 1.0MPa
4 1.2MPa
JM-50A 37kw 6.8 0.7MPa 1300×950×1420 710kg
6.2 0.8MPa
5.6 1.0MPa
5 1.2MPa
JM-60A 45kw 7.4 0.7MPa 1300×950×1420 730kg
7 0.8MPa
6.3 1.0MPa
5.7 1.2MPa
JM-75A 55kw 10.5 0.7MPa 1900×1250×1600 1200kg
9.6 0.8MPa
8.5 1.0MPa
8.7 1.2MPa
JM-100A 75kw 13.4 0.7MPa 2000×1250×1670 1340kg
12.8 0.8MPa
11.2 1.0MPa
10.5 1.2MPa
JM-120A 90kw 16 0.7MPa 2000×1250×1670 1420kg
15.4 0.8MPa
13.6 1.0MPa
12.8 1.2MPa
JM-150A 110kw 21 0.7MPa 2500×1470×1840 2120kg
19.8 0.8MPa
17.2 1.0MPa
16.5 1.2MPa
JM-175A 132kw 24.5 0.7MPa 2500×1470×1840 2200kg
23.4 0.8MPa
20.6 1.0MPa
19.5 1.2MPa

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